Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Unremarkable Weekends.

I had nothing to do, so I took some rather unremarkable photos. Enjoy~

Except this one of Erin. She is rather remarkable. Only 3 months old and standing up! With the help of mom of course...:) 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Mile In My Shoes

This is a sketchbook assignment we had to do for my drawing class. We had to draw our shoes. I did mine really quickly because I forgot to do it. And yeah. That's about it. It's supposed to be a 'What do your shoes say about you?' thing, but I'm not sure my shoes say much except for the fact that I like boots and that I am lazy when told to draw something I don't feel like drawing.

We have 10 huge drawings that we're supposed to finish by Dec. 7 for our semester portfolio, and I've been working on those for hours after school instead of doing actual class work. And I am really proud of some of them, so eventually I will get around to taking pictures of them and posting. I have to finish them all first. Hah.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some Were Made to Stand Out.

I was just perusing around my house, trying to see if there was anything worth taking pictures of, quite unsatisfied. I would just point and shoot at everything and then delete the majority of the photos later. But I managed to salvage a few, and although it was against the standards I had set for myself that day, I decided to keep this one. 

It wasn't until I had uploaded it to my computer and started editing the pictures that I realized the importance of this one. So I super edited it. Translation: I did something more than crop it and ponder over whether I was going to actually bother with a watermark. As you can see there's a nice 'Dusk' filter on it, courtesy of picmonkey.com, and I even added a cliche quote to go along with it. 

"Some where made to stand out." 

Like the little creamish rock in the middle of the picture. It's lighter and smaller than all the other stones around it. And I've been wondering lately, what does it take to stand out? A crazy hair style? A charismatic personality? High intelligence? A new invention that could save the world? And then who stands out in my life, and why? These are deep questions my friends.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Walking Home Alone

So I wrote a poem, and this is it, and yeah. I don't always post my poetry on here unless I really like it, and I don't really like this one, but it looks all nice in my moleskine and all, so I thought I would anyway. It's a lot longer than what I usually write. But I would rather talk about my moleskine. 

The strange thing about the moleskine, is that there is absolutely nothing special about it. It's a little black book with blank paper and ribbon place holder. I feel like if I tugged just a bit too much when turning pages, they might decide to come out, and the pages are much too thin for paint. And yet, it's still special. Maybe it's the softness of the paper, or maybe it's just the reputation it has, but it just feels really nice to write in. 

With previous journals that I've had, I've always been afraid to write in them, if that makes any sense. I was afraid that what I wrote or drew wouldn't be worthy of even being on paper, much less in such a pretty journal. And then of course, whatever I put on the paper would be ugly. But with the moleskine I don't have that, and there doesn't really seem to be a reason why. I feel like I could put anything in there, however stupid and inane it might be, and it doesn't stick out at me as I flip through the pages. It fits just perfectly among all other other more deep and intelligent things. 

I considered that maybe the pressure was just gone because the moleskine is just so plain to begin with, but then again I was nervous when I first got it, it having a price that's really way too much for such a typical thing. But the more I worked in it, the more at ease I felt. I don't even feel the need to drastically organize the pages the way I usually do, or keep it specifically just for drawing, or just for writing. It's an anything kind of journal, even though I didn't intend for it to even be a journal in the first place.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Took These After HomeComing

I actually really love how this photo turned out. It's just cool or something. 

My step-dad's fire fighter helmet. 

The gorgeous baby Erin :) 

This picture is kind of useless and boring, but I took it anyway. 

And lookie there, that concludes this weeks dose of useless and uncool photography!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Positive & Negative Space

This is a small extra credit assignment I did for my drawing class. Nothing really special, just had to do a piece in positive and negative space. Personally, I tend to find these extremely boring to look at. However, I do find them fun to make. But maybe that's just because they're easy, and I don't have to put a lot of work into it. I'm lazy that way. And no pride comes out of it. All I can really think about it that it's such a horrible waste of sharpies. 

I'm kind of hoping that my teacher doesn't get irritated that I drew a person again, because he's always saying that we're not advanced enough to do that yet, and we'll just mess it up. I think he underestimates me, and wonder what class would be like if he didn't.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I have attained the great Moleskine! I've heard a TON of hype about these tiny expensive notebooks, and I've decided to try them out for myself. I can't guarantee their quality just yet, but so far I really like it. I waited in anticipation for three days before it finally arrived, in which I decided to run around the house and shove it in everybody's face, even though nobody in my house knows anything about Moleskins.